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450 N. County Line Road (see map)
Jackson, NJ 08527
Phone: 732-928-4747
Ocean Co: 732-899-3333
Monmouth CO: 732-462-7834
Mercer CO: 609-587-4862
Summer hours: Mon - Fri 9-5,
Call for Sat 10-4 Sun 10-2


    NEW              TROPICAL FISH SOLAR BLANKET          NEW
The TROPICAL FISH will retain heat in a pool exactly like a plastic solar blanket.

We're not only your pool company, we're your neighbor!

See Sam or Pat Fish Swimming Pool Contractor

Fish Supplies

Fish Pools shaped to your imagination

Fish Pool construction and repairs

Fish Electronic leak detection

Fish Chemicals, toys & spas

Fish Pristine Blue for crystal clean water without chlorine

Fish Family owned business with 30 years of experience


Vita Spa's

On Display

Vita Spa's
Owning a spa is one of the best things you can do for yourself or your family. It is a sanctuary of wellness, a place to escape, a family retreat. Imagine your body, buoyant, almost weightless, relaxed from the spa's warm swirling water. Now imagine that with a touch of a finger, you can massage away aches and pains, soothe your nerves and relieve your stress. A spa will help you sleep better, it will give you better circulation, and just plain make you feel better.

Turbo Whirlpool
This powerful performer will work magic, making those little knots of tension disappear Can also be used to create that totally calming, swirling, whirlpool effect.
Would you rather have a swirling or a direct, right-to-the-spot massage? With this fully adjustable jet, the choice is yours.
Imagine streams of water shooting at you at random, surprising sore muscles and joints with an invigorating, pulsating massage. Now, doesn't that sound great?
Tension Ease
Feel a surge of relief as powerful massaging action penetrates deep into your upper back, neck and shoulders, the areas most commonly afflicted by tension. Adjust the pressure to your own comfort level.
Quad Stream
One powerful jet whose force, redirected into four different directions, results in strong, even vibrations to soothe those overworked calf muscles.


Take a look at some of our suppliers

Pool Pro Network Spa Step into the relaxing spa of your dreams.
Vita Spa's Massage away aches and pains, soothe your nerves, and relieve your stress.
Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket for Swimming Pools
Omni Products for swimming pool care. Proper pool maintenance is your first line of defense.
Meyco™ Pool covers you can rely on long after you buy it.

Hayward Pool Products, filters, pumps, heaters& equipment
Fort Wayne Pools® Leading manufacturer whose substructure components are 100% their own.
Earth Science Labs Pristine Blue water treatment system

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